Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, here's something new to brighten up your year (we certainly needed something didn't we?). Yes, it's the brand spanking, all-singing, all dancing, almost sinfully fascinating Stephen Booth Blog.

In the midst of all the credit crunch crises and rumours of rampant recession, this is the place where I'll be bringing you little glimmers of light. There'll be snippets of news picked up on my wanderings through the weird world of UK crime fiction, tantalising glimpses into the alarmingly labyrinthine life of a writer, and lots of other sizzlingly esoteric smatterings to keep you sitting up and paying attention.

Some of it, though, will be written in quite short sentences.

And there might never be any more alliteration, ever...

...but I might occasionally mention goats.

It could be quite a journey!


  1. Nice to see you blogging, Stephen. I'm sure you'll find it's the right thing to do.

  2. Conga rats on the blog, Stephen. I will be reading it with interest.

  3. Reading with interest and looing forward to the next one.

  4. Great blog! Love your books and, as a Monyash dweller, trying to identify the places! Travel down Via Gellia to work everyday and always say good morning to the cottage!!!!

    'Bout time you came to Buxton or Bakewell, when I am not at work!!!

    Keep the great books coming!

  5. Thanks for being my first commenters!

    Jay, I think you must have missed me in both Bakewell and Buxton (unless you work in the evenings and at weekends too!).

  6. Hi Stephen,
    I feel very highly honoured for your reply - thank you. Can't wait for April!!! Certainly will try not to miss you next time you are in the area - or if you are in Monyash, drop in!!! (I do work weird hours!!!
    Kindest regards, Jay