Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, it's the latest thing for all of us modern, thrusting, 21st century authors. It's the thing you've just got to have, if you want to get noticed by the YouTube generation. Yes, folks, it's the book trailer.

Okay, so my movie making skills are, let's say... limited. But with the help of a bit of clever software courtesy of Bill Gates (thanks, Bill), I've had my first stab at a trailer. Nice pictures of the Peak District. Good soundtrack. And a big plug for the books. Do I get my Oscar now?

Flushed from my success in the director's chair, I'll be busy planning my storyboard for a new trailer to publicise THE KILL CALL in April. Meanwhile, let me know what you think:


You'll hear a lot about libraries on this blog. They're a cause close to my heart, and many of them around the UK are now under threat (and that's even before the financial crisis and all those local authorities mislaying millions of pounds of our Council Tax money down a geyser in Iceland).

So I'm chuffed to say that my very first reader event of 2009 will take place this week in a brand new library, just opened by Leicestershire County Council in the Leicester district of Oadby. Here's a picture of their smart new facilities:

And here's one of the outside. Looks a bit like Marks & Spencers, but we'll forgive them:

So, at 7pm on Thursday 5th February, I'll be 'in conversation' with John Martin at Oadby Library, as part of a week-long series of events for readers. If you fancy being there, phone 0116 305 8763 to book a place.

The official opening will be performed by Barbara Follett, who has the wonderful title of 'Minister for Culture, Creative Industries & Tourism'. But she's in Oadby on Wednesday, so I'm afraid I'll miss her (and I do so like meeting politicians).

Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, here's something new to brighten up your year (we certainly needed something didn't we?). Yes, it's the brand spanking, all-singing, all dancing, almost sinfully fascinating Stephen Booth Blog.

In the midst of all the credit crunch crises and rumours of rampant recession, this is the place where I'll be bringing you little glimmers of light. There'll be snippets of news picked up on my wanderings through the weird world of UK crime fiction, tantalising glimpses into the alarmingly labyrinthine life of a writer, and lots of other sizzlingly esoteric smatterings to keep you sitting up and paying attention.

Some of it, though, will be written in quite short sentences.

And there might never be any more alliteration, ever...

...but I might occasionally mention goats.

It could be quite a journey!